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About Us

Brewster Hub | Kujawsko-Pomorski Klaster Brewstera

The idea of setting up the Hub arose from our experience with preparing a series of interdisciplinary educational art projects popularizing science, initiated in 2009 by Instytut B61. Almost all present cluster partners have been involved in creating the imaginary research institute called B61. Prepared by closely cooperating astronomers and artists, Instytut B61 has been a spectacular success both as an artistic and educational project. In 2011 it was nominated by the Polish Press Agency for the title “Popularizer of Science 2010”, and a year later it received an EU grant of 194,000 Euro for its extraordinary international project “Cosmic Underground”. The Institute has successfully concluded 15 performances, two international multidisciplinary art projects and various presentations at science and art festivals. In 2014 the Brewster Hub Association was established with the idea to develop and utilize the potential of its 15 members, including public and private entities such as the university, cultural institutions, non-governmental organizations, freelance artists and culture managers. Our main objective and ambition is to bring science closer to people through art and edutainment.

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Our Mission

In the era of digitization and computerization the scientific world seems to be completely alienated and unfathomable. Scientific language becomes hermetic and comprehensible only to a small group of society. To this day, the image lingers of a mad scientist, absorbed in visionary research. Scientists, increasingly delving into niches delimited by narrow specialization, are often able to exchange comments on their work and daily life only with a small group of ‘professional colleagues’. This results in a decrease of interest in science in the society, especially in natural and exact sciences, which in the long run may lead to a technological and intellectual collapse. There is a need for a form of visual communication between scientists and the general public, which would make it possible, for example, for astronomers to talk about galaxies and black holes, for nuclear physicists to present ion implantation process, and for quantum chemists to share observations on the Born-Oppenheimer approximation. The main objective of the Brewster Hub is to show that even the most complex phenomena and intricate issues in science can be presented in a very accessible way with the use of images, words and sounds. The Brewster Hub tackles the above mentioned stereotypes in order to meet the problem of alienation of science.


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