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Instytut B61: Site-Specific Performances as Intersemiotic Translations of the Invisible World of Science

Instytut B61 is best known for its immersive site-specific performances constructed as intersemiotic translations of the Invisible World of quantum mechanics and cosmology. The group carries out its activities in intriguing spaces that include factories, forts, railway stations, and tenement houses, always prepared as site-specific events outside the traditional gallery, white cube, black box, or theatrical setting. Interestingly, the voluminosity of the space inside which the performance occurs sits in contrast with the intimate encounters the audience has during the performance. The performances of Instytut B61 have a modular structure, in which subsequent scenes take place in new spaces and the audience follows from one module to another, not being able to return to the spaces they have left behind. The modules come together as an overarching artsci narrative, but each of them occurs at a different setting (stage) and is informed by distinct artistic forms and practices i.e. performances, live acts, video art, sound art, music, and installations, less often sculpture or painting.

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