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Project Stellar Entanglement is a multimedia on the evolution of stars.

The project refers to the idea that has been intriguing humankind for decades, it is creating the so-called “time capsules” which compile data about our civilization. Since 2019, four such capsules have been buried in space: two Pioneer Plaques and the two Voyager Golden Records. The YELLOW SUITCASE is the fifth one. This time, however, the message is sent not by humans to space but by humans from space to other humans.


The VR film is presented as part of an art installation consisting of 5 wireless VR sets made available to viewers in a space arranged as a reading room of the B61 INSTYTUT Archives. The experience of the visitors resembles one of the library users. In order to view the documents they need to register to the Archives, get a library card and a special pass, and then order the yellow suitcase to a reading room. The visitors have the opportunity to watch the VR film documenting the current state of knowledge about the evolution of stars, including such scientific concepts as Red Giant, Planetary Nebula, White Dwarf or Supernova. They also have access to physical data collected in the YELLOW SUITCASE including artifacts, documents, drawings, technical documentation, and samples of material needed to recover human species.


Story by Jan Świerkowski

Directed by The Kissinger Twins

The project not only deals with the issues of star evolution and quantum entanglement but also touches upon philosophical issues.

“The connections between particles in the Universe, says Jan Świerkowski, do not differ from

the connections between us. Is it possible, however, that some of us are contaminated with the same elements that constituted past civilizations? In the end, as astronomers say, each of us carries a souvenir of cosmic catastrophes - supernova explosions. If so, is the fact that we are built of the same matter as the fiery nuclei of stars allowing us to be called “children of stars” or is there something more needed?”

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